Environmental Considerations

Hardcopy film is highly environmentally unfriendly. With the growing use of digital imaging, the I-MED Radiology Network gives doctors the opportunity to lower the impact on the environment by choosing not to receive hard copy films and to replace them with electronic reports and images – in other words, go “filmless”.

Other benefits in going filmless:

  • Convenient – you no longer have to wait for films as the images will be sent directly to your referring doctor together with a report from our radiologist.
  • Efficient – films are never lost or forgotten as they are always stored securely and are available on request from any of our clinics.
  • Fast – Medical reports and images are delivered electronically to your doctor as soon as our radiologist completes your imaging report.
  • Greater image quality – your doctor will have the ability to see more, through high quality digital images.
  • Reduces storage and handling – less films cluttering space.

If your referring doctor elects to go “filmless” once you have completed your medical imaging examination, you will no longer have to wait for x-ray films. The images will be sent electronically to your doctor’s computer together with a report from our Radiologist.

IMPORTANT: As always, you will need to follow up directly with your referring doctor regarding the results.

What if I want a copy of the films for my own reference or for on referral to a specialist?
You can still request films at the time of your examination or anytime in the future by contacting any of our clinics. If post examination, please provide 24 hours notice prior to the time you require the films.

Where are my images kept?
Your digital images are stored electronically on our secure PACS (Picture and Archiving Communication System). Our computer servers are located in a secure and environmentally controlled data centre to ensure they are protected from fire, water and electrical failure so your patient records are easily accessible at all times.

Will my images be kept safe and private?
Yes. The I-MED Radiology Network takes your privacy and the security of your medical records very seriously. We have implemented a sophisticated electronic image delivery system where the information is encrypted and can only be accessed with a secure password by referring doctors.

How do I request films in the future?

  • Step 1 Contact the clinic at least 24 hours prior to the time you need your films.
  • Step 2 Request a copy of the relevant films and advise your preferred clinic for collection.
  • Step 3 If collecting in person, proof of identification and a signature will be required at the clinic. If a patient agent or carer is collecting films on your behalf, he/she will be required to provide a letter from you authorizing collection. They will also need to provide identification. This is to help protect your privacy.