Book your radiology appointment online


With I-MED Radiology’s new online booking service, you have the ease and convenience of booking your appointment online via mobile or desktop. For most procedures, you can browse for a time and location that is convenient to you. Some of the more complex procedures will still require a phone call from us to confirm. We are rolling out the new online booking service one area at a time, with new areas being included every month. If our online appointment service hasn’t yet rolled out for your area, you can still arrange an appointment by clicking on the orange buttons above.



Frequently Asked Questions

My suburb isn't listed for online appointments. How do I make an appointment?

If your suburb isn’t listed for online appointments, that’s because we haven’t rolled out to your area yet. You can request an appointment by clicking the ‘Request Appointment’ button in the navigation panel at the top of this page, and we’ll call you back. Alternatively call your nearest clinic during business hours. You can find clinic contact details by clicking the ‘Find clinic’ button above. 

How do I upload my referral?

When you’ve made your booking, you will be asked to upload an image of your referral that you’ve scanned and saved to your computer. If you’re using a mobile phone to make your booking, you can simply take a photo of your referral and upload it.

I can’t scan my referral to my computer! What do I do?

Once you’ve made you’re an appointment we’ll send you a confirmation email. Open this email from your smartphone and click on the ‘Upload referral’ link. Your phone’s camera will automatically open and you can take a photo of your referral and easily upload it. If you don’t have a smart phone, please enter the details of your referral into the notes section of the booking form and just bring your referral with you to your appointment.


I need to make more than one appointment. How do I do that?

If you need to book more than one scan or procedure it’s best to give us a call so we can co-ordinate the appointments. Find your nearest clinic’s phone number by clicking the ‘Find clinic’ button above. 

Why did I get a message saying I-MED will call me back when I tried to make an online appointment?

With certain procedures we may need to contact you before we can finalise your appointment. Radiology examinations are complex, with over 800 types of scans and procedures. We’ve tried to reduce this complexity for the online booking process, however, in some cases, such as mammogram, vascular ultrasound, nuclear medicine and interventional procedures, we will need to get in touch to discuss your appointment.


I need to make an urgent appointment. Who should I call?

If your doctor says your scan or procedure is urgent, please call us for an appointment. You can find your nearest clinic’s contact details by clicking the ‘Find clinic’ button above. 

What do I need to have with me to make an appointment?

You’ll need the referral/request form that your doctor gave you as well as your Medicare card. 

What if I don’t have a Medicare Card?

Please call us to book your appointment. You can find clinic contact details by clicking the ‘Find clinic’ button above. 

How much will my procedure cost?

I-MED Radiology fees vary depending on the type of examination or procedure requested on the patient’s referral. Some medical imaging procedures may be liable for a fee above the Medicare rebate. This will be discussed with you at the clinic before your procedure. If you would like to discuss the cost sooner, please contact us.