Our digital services

At I-MED Radiology we’ve developed a range of digital services designed specifically for our referring practitioners and patients. From making an appointment easily online, to retrieving images and reports from a secure portal, our digital suite is here to make your life easier.


I-MED Online 2.0 for practitioners

With I-MED Online 2.0, medical practitioners can access their patients’ reports and images easily and quickly, via the App, desktop or tablet. 

We are progressively rolling out I-MED Online 2.0 across the country.  Currently practitioners in NSW, ACT and metropolitan Victoria can access the great benefits of this new portal, including:

  • Easy 'break glass' function
  • App gives you access to patients results anywhere, anytime
  • No software to download
  • Choice of viewers on desktop (use the built-in viewer or InteleViewer if you prefer)
  • Privacy and data security is integral to the system

I-MED Online for practitioners

Medical practitioners in Queensland, southern regional New South Wales, regional Victoria, Northern Territory and Tasmania have access to I-MED Online, the original digital viewing platform provided by I-MED Radiology.

  • Use with Inteleviewer

Book appointments online

With I-MED Radiology’s new online booking service, patients have the ease and convenience of booking their appointment online via mobile or desktop. We are progressively rolling out our online booking service across the country. It is now available to patients in Sydney, NSW Central Coast, ACT and Melbourne and Perth.

  • Patients can browse through the available appointment times at different locations
  • Booking online is quick and easy and avoids patients having to find time to call us
  • Patients have the convenience of booking online at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Patients can upload their referral so we can verify examination(s) requested
  • Patients stay informed with an email confirmation of their appointment details
  • Note: Some of the more complex procedures and appointments may still require us to contact the patient

My I-MED, the I-MED patient portal

Patients can now view, save and download their radiology images and reports online. This is especially handy when your patient needs to be referred onto other practitioners.

  • Radiology reports are available to patients five days after the radiologist report is approved. This ensures practitioners have time to receive and read their patients' results
  • I-MED frequently communicates to patients that all results should be discussed with their referring practitioner
  • All reports and images from previous visits to I-MED are made available
  • Patients simply visit myi-med.com.au and create their account
  • Patient privacy and data security is integral to the system
  • My I-MED is rolling out across Australia. Currently patients in NSW, ACT and metropolitan Victoria can access the great benefits of this new portal

Resources for practitioners

Explore our website for useful resources and information to help you stay in touch with developments in radiology.

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