Associate Professor Suzanne Langlois

Image of Dr Suzanne Langlois

About Associate Professor Suzanne Langlois

Assoc. Prof Suzanne Langlois first joined the I-MED Radiology Northern Tasmanian team in 2017. Assoc. Prof Langlois completed her medical training at University of Adelaide in 1971. Following her studies, Dr Langlois embarked on what has proven to be a very successful and unique career. Prior to joining I-MED Radiology, she worked as the Director of Radiology at the Royal Adelaide Hospital for 13 years before travelling to East Timor where she served with the Army as Major Suzanne Langlois. It was here that she worked as a Radiographer, Sonographer and Radiologist and introduced the first successful use of portable ultrasound in a war zone. Upon her return to Australia she worked as the Director of Radiology at the Townsville Hospital for 8 years before embarking on a life of travel with locum radiology work. Assoc. Prof Langlois has professional interests in screening and diagnostic breast imaging, dental radiology, emergency and trauma ultrasound and forensic imaging.

Radiological Skills & Interests

  • Screening and diagnostic breast imaging
  • Dental radiology
  • Emergency and trauma ultrasound
  • Forensic imaging