General Manager New Zealand

Angus Brown

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About Angus Brown

Angus is the General Manager of I-MED New Zealand.   

Having 30 years’ experience working across the healthcare industry in various parts of the world, Angus has an extensive track record across the continuum of the health sector from R&D, diagnostics, medical devices and radiology imaging to global supply chains, Government/NGO negotiations, M&A and international business development. 

Prior to joining I-MED, Angus held a range of senior leadership positions in global healthcare and multinationals including those of NZ General Manager, Business Leader Asia Pacific and as Chief Operating Officer for a large private surgical hospital.   Angus also spent many years on the Medical Technology Association of NZ (MTANZ) Market Access committee, including time as Chair, engaging Government and crown agencies, advising industry and providing policy guidance and feedback. 

Angus enjoys an active lifestyle, balancing his dedication to work with personal interests such as running marathons and ultramarathons, building, fishing, coaching, guitar but above all being a husband and father.