BVSc (hons) MBBS (Hons) FRANZCR

Dr Matthew Brain

A photo of Dr Matthew Brain

About Dr Matthew Brain

Dr Brain graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science. After working in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula for almost 10 years as an equine veterinarian, he returned to Monash University to complete a post graduate medical degree.

Following the completion of post graduate studies, he worked as a junior doctor at Monash Health before completing fellowship training in radiology at Monash Health in 2022.  

Dr Brain chose radiology because of the enormous breadth and variety of work, covering all body systems and age groups. He enjoys the mix of both surgical and medical cases, as well as the ability to undertake procedural work. “Very few specialties allow one to have certain interests in vastly different fields, eg; breast and musculoskeletal, or head and neck, and paediatrics. I also enjoy the fact that it seems to be one of the most dynamic, rapidly and ever-changing specialties with a constant flow of new techniques and technologies.”

Sub-specialty interests

  • MRI imaging of the brain
  • Hepatobiliary imaging