Dr Terry Lo

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About Dr Terry Lo

Dr Terry Lo is a Level A certified CTCA specialist and general radiologist with over twenty years radiology experience. He currently practices in for I-MED in Northern Sydney and Coffs Harbour and has significant experience in Interventional procedures and Image Guided Biopsies.

Dr Terry Lo joined I-MED Radiology in 2008 having held senior positions in private practice and extensive experience in public hospital pratice. Dr Lo has worked throughout the NSW region at clinics across Northern Sydney and Northern Beachs, Central Coast and Coffs Harbour.

Dr Lo obtained a Bachelor of Medicine from the University of NSW in 1982 and later completed his residency at Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney and radiology training at John Hunter Hospital Newcastle. In 2013 he undertook a Proscan MRI fellowship training in Cincinnati, USA. He is a recognised Level A CTCA certified specialist as well as a CT Colonoscopy specialist. Dr Lo also has significant expertise in Breast Imaging and Intervention, Image Guided Biopsies and Intervention and Muscultoskeletal Intervention, gained at Westmead Private Hospital.

He is a fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists and has held membership to the Australian Chinese Medical Association since 1993.

Radiological Skills & Interests

  • Breast imaging and intervention
  • MRI imaging
  • Image guided biopsies and intervention
  • Spinal and musculoskeletal intervention
  • CT coronary angiography