Dynamic 4D CT

Our new Dynamic 4D CT procedure can capture detailed information about moving joints, giving radiologists the ability to diagnose injuries more accurately.
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What is Dynamic 4D CT?

At Victoria House our four-dimensional computed tomography (4D CT) allows us to perform functional or dynamic CT scanning.  Unlike conventional CT where the body part being imaged must stay very still during the scan, 4D CT allows us to scan a body area whilst it is moving.  For patients who suffer pain during movement where conventional imaging has demonstrated no structural abnormality, 4D scanning allows us to visualise the complex motion between bones.  It is excellent in assessing the underlying causes of clinical impingement or instability occurring in joints around the body helping us demonstrate the cause of the patient’s pain. The videos below will give you an idea of what will happen during your 4D scan.


Instructional videos for patients attending a Dynamic 4D CT scan:

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