Why I-MED Radiology

At I-MED Radiology, our purpose is to save lives and reduce uncertainty by delivering the highest quality care to achieve the most accurate diagnostic outcomes.

Why I-MED Radiology

At I-MED Radiology, our purpose is to save lives and reduce uncertainty by delivering the highest quality care to achieve the most accurate diagnostic outcomes.

What makes I-MED Radiology different?

As Australia’s largest medical imaging provider, I-MED Radiology is responsible for touching the lives of millions of Australians each year.

Across our 230+ clinics, we connect with patients locally, while harnessing the strength of our network, including the largest team of sub-specialist radiologists to ensure the right expertise is available when it is needed, and to deliver a consistent and high standard of service every time. From knowledge sharing to establishing national imaging protocols - I-MED Radiology is truly local care on a national scale. 

Adopting a patient centred approach, we invest in smart technologies that enable an improved patient experience - from booking to accessing results – keeping our patients better informed and empowered. 

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Why have I been referred for medical imaging?

Medical imaging plays a pivotal role in healthcare today, helping doctors to find answers to their clinical questions, leading to a diagnosis or ruling out a suspected condition or disease. It provides key information that determines how a patient is managed and can monitor how the body responds to treatment or certain therapies. 

Across the country, our clinics provide a comprehensive range of modalities and procedures, with specialist opinions and readily accessible images, delivering better health outcomes for our patients. 

Every examination is performed by qualified technicians. The images produced are then interpreted by a radiologist, a doctor that has completed a minimum of 5 years of additional training. This means there is a dedicated specialist working at providing the fastest most accurate diagnosis. Leveraging our team of sub-specialist radiologists, the largest in Australia, I-MED Radiology can ensure the right expertise is available when our patients need it. 

What an I-MED Radiology patient can expect

It is perfectly normal to feel nervous about having a radiology procedure, but our clinic staff go to great lengths to put you at ease and make you feel as comfortable as possible. 

At I-MED Radiology, we aim to keep you informed and connected at various touchpoints - so you are more empowered and in control throughout the experience.

The I-MED patient journey steps

Book appointment

Once you obtain a medical imaging request from your healthcare provider click the 'Book appointment' link on the top menu to proceed with making your booking. Your healthcare provider may write your radiology request on a formal request paper or send it to I-MED Radiology electronically (e-referral). If sent electronically, you will receive a link by SMS or email which will contain a link to download a digital copy of the request and to book/request your appointment online.

Online bookings allows you the freedom to manage your appointments at any time of the day where you can select a date/time that is most suitable; you can also: 

  • Select your preferred I-MED Radiology clinic location  
  • Adjust the filters to find the ‘soonest’ or ‘closest’ appointment 
  • Cancel or reschedule if things change  
  • Complete relevant forms prior to attending your examination, to save time.  


For some examinations you may be asked to fast/drink water/or cease certain medications beforehand. This information will be provided to you prior to attending the I-MED Radiology clinic.

Access your results

Available in most I-MED Radiology clinics, our patients can access their radiology results from their mobile phone, safely and securely - with the freedom to access their medical records as needed. If you are planning to visit a new healthcare practitioner, you will have the ability to share your results with these providers, without contacting your local I-MED Radiology clinic to request copies.

Results follow-up

It is important that you return to your doctor, or the practitioner that requested your radiology examination, to discuss the result. This is so that you understand what the results mean, and if relevant, what happens next in your diagnostic or treatment plan.